Story number 1 for 4 Dec 2000

By December 4, 2000

Indonesia tops our newscast today, where despite a state of civil emergency, the government has been unable to end the religious bloodshed in the Moluccas. In fact, with the advent of Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month, the violence against Christians has intensified. The Southern Baptist International Mission Board’s Charles Cole. “30 houses were destroyed and a school, and four church buildings were destroyed. So, this is a continuing type of situation, and the rumor’s out that the goal is that there will not be any Christmas candles or Christmas bells ringing on the island of Ambon this year.” Cole says the Indonesian church needs prayer. “Right now, one of the greatest threats to their faith is the loss of hope, because they feel abandoned by worldwide Christians, and they feel desperate. Therefore, I encourage people to pray that they not turn loose from their faith.”

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