Story number 1 for 4 Jul 2003

By July 4, 2003

(Liberia)–We begin today in Liberia where the United States has given the green light for troops to go into the war torn region. President Bush is also calling for Liberia’s President Charles Taylor to step down. Denton Lotz with Baptist World Alliance welcomes the news. “We’re very pleased with this decision and hope that some stability can come and that eventually Liberia can have free elections and a free government. But, they’ve been suffering from this civil war for 20 years now, thousands of refugees, hundreds of people are killed, tribal conflicts between people, so we really feel that we need to go into Liberia.” Lotz tells Mission Network News that even though the country’s been plagued by violence, there is good news. “One of the interesting aspects of it, that in the midst of all the tragedy the people have turned to the Lord. Our churches are growing, there’s a lot of evangelism, there’s a lot of seeking the presence of God in their lives.” Funding is needed to help with relief and church growth.

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