Story number 1 for 4 Oct 2000

By October 4, 2000

We begin today’s newscast looking at the effect of increasing persecution against believers. G-V Matthai, while violence increased, more people came to Christ last year. He explains why. “Sometimes we think naturally where there is a problem or persecution that Christians will go away from that area. But, this is contrary to that. The Christian young evangelists go there and distribute literature, visiting house to house and sharing the Gospel. And this brought many, many people (to Christ).” Matthai says in order to reap a larger spiritual harvest they need people to help support evangelists for 100-dollars per month. He says national evangelists must go. “India (does not) allow any foreign missionaries. Only the Indian nationals are the only answer to the problem. So, last year we had 33 students graduate. We still need support for 25 people.”

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