Story number 1 for 4 Oct 2002

By October 4, 2002

(USA)–We begin today’s news in the United States where a west coast dock workers strike is having an impact on Christian ministry. World Concern’s Director of Supply Services Coleen (coh-LEEN) Ragsdale says they can’t get their relief shipments out. “We have some containers that are lined up. One to Haiti in specific that was lined up to go this past Monday the 30th, to be shipped over. And, with the hurricane season it has blankets, medical supplies so that they can be prepared. Another container is to Ethiopia.” Working through the local church, World Concern provides relief supplies to the needy, which tends to have a spiritual impact on those they’re helping. “The spiritual side of things comes in with our people working with them – with schools. We partner with the churches. They’re able to feel the love of God in that word and deed. We’re bringing that hope and that opportunity for their lives. Those tangible items of God’s love are very necessary.” Pray that the strike will end so relief efforts can continue.

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