Story number 1 for 5 Aug 2003

By August 5, 2003

(Liberia)–Topping the news, Liberia’s capital city, Monrovia, has been without food and water for more than a week. The insecurities created by continued warfare paved the way for a warm welcome to West African peacekeeping forces this week. In the initial stages of the operation, there are many critical needs. Aid agencies like Food for the Hungry are in place, doing what they can, Tamara Dutch. “A couple of the churches came to us, and they were planning on providing assistance themselves, but they were a little short financially. We are providing some additional financial assistance. Then what they’ll do is ,they’ll turn around and buy food, blankets, and clothing, and they will also distribute those to the Liberians.” And, after 20 years of civil war, capped by a reluctantly leaving president, Dutch says believers have looming concerns. “We encourage all people to pray for the Liberians, pray that the uprising becomes settled, and also, pray for the peacekeeping troops that are arriving.”

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