Story number 1 for 5 Dec 2000

By December 5, 2000

Mexico tops today’s news where evangelicals are looking to the newly inaugurated president Vincente Fox (fokes) to open up opportunities for evangelism. Latin America Mission‘s Ken MacHarg reports. “Following his election, Fox said that churches should have more freedom and he promised to end years of repression and guarantee the liberty to practice one’s beliefs. He also promised to allow more religious activity in the public schools. LAM missionary Liz Isais says Fox has promised that evangelicals will receive attention, that he will meet with evangelical leaders twice a year, and that religious freedom will be enforced. LAM’s Enrique Rojas reports that evangelicals have already seen more freedom to buy time on radio and television. Lam’s Juan Isais says the Fox government represents a drastic change in Mexican politics and that for Fox to govern successfully, he will have to offer dialogue among all Christian groups. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg.”

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