Story number 1 for 5 Feb 2000

By February 5, 2000

We begin today’s newscast with details from Ethiopia. Voice of the Martyrs
workers are reporting evidence of severe persecution of evangelicals by both Muslims
and Orthodox Christians. VOM’s Todd Nettleton says: “I think it is a fear on behalf of
the Orthodox Church leaders that evangelical churches are growing very rapidly and
they’re not quite sure how to respond. In this case, it’s especially bad because a good
portion of the persecution is coming from other so-called ‘Christians’.” Nettleton urges
Christians from around the world to remember their persecuted brothers and sisters in
Ethiopia in prayer. “Pray that they will continue to be a strong witness and will live out
their faith on a daily basis, and then I think we can pray that God will pour out His
Spirit on the Orthodox Church there and fill those people with the love for other
Christians, so that part of this persecution can be ended-the part that is coming from
other people who call themselves ‘believers’.”

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