Story number 1 for 5 Feb 2001

By February 5, 2001

(India) — Headlining today’s news, India continues to pick up the pieces after last week’s earthquake that killed thousands and left 600-thousand homeless. International Needs works in the region and is pleading for Christians to support their relief efforts. I-N’s David Culross. “We do have a lot of workers that work in an out of there. They tell us that this is the area of India that is the most severely affected by the rise in persecution (against Christians) in India. And, they feel that this is a unique opportunity for Christians to respond showing the love of God to these people who have suffered this disaster.” According to Culross the message of the Gospel is needed, because many families who have lost loved ones, have no hope. “Because of the teachings of Hinduism, if people can not collect bodies of their loved ones and cremate them they feel that their souls are forever trapped in a non existent state. And, so it’s a tremendous religious and emotional burden that they bear.” (to donate go to

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