Story number 1 for 5 Jan 2000

By January 5, 2000

Topping the news today, peace talks between Israel and Syria are giving
Christian missionaries more opportunities accomplish their work. Christians
For Israel’s David Sudlow says with or without peace, their work of repatriating Jews
won’t be affected. “All the statistics are saying that. They’re expecting a greater influx of
Jews from the former Soviet Union this coming year. Even if settlement on the Golan or
in parts of the West Bank is curtailed they’re going to cram into little Israel some how.
We’re going forward with our Exodus Project to bring them home.” Sudlow says up to
80-thousand Jews from the form Soviet Union are expected to return to Israel this
year. He says evangelism will be subtle. “It’s really a cup of cold water in Jesus name.
We hope by our rubbing shoulders and helping these people, that for once in the
history of the church they see the love of Jesus. So, as far as the practical witness of
true Christianity we are living witnesses.” Pray that the doors in the former Soviet
Union remain open.

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