Story number 1 for 5 Jul 2001

By July 5, 2001

(Peru)–We begin today in Peru where the country continues to recover after a massive earthquake left over a million without shelter. International Aid is sending necessary physical supplies to assist the Peruvians in their recovery, but IA’s Sonny Enriquez says emotional and spiritual assistance is equally important. “The whole area of trauma councilling just listening, listening to their stories, and providing a way to give them a sense of hope, a sense of, “There is new life beyond this situation”, just opens the way for one to witness.” Enriquez says the Peruvians are ready to hear the Gospel. “There is just a high level of openness, and that is when you realize that extending an act of love in very practical ways is far more powerful then a verbal declaration of the Gospel.” IA is sending relief supplies such as medicine, hygiene kits, and blankets as this is the winter season in Peru.

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