Story number 1 for 5 Jun 2000

By June 5, 2000

Headlining today’s news, more missionaries are being pulled out of Indonesia in light of more Muslim/Christian violence in the region. New Tribes Mission’s Guy Sier says violence broke out between Muslims and Christians on the island of Sulawesi. “We have a flight base and a supply base in the city of Palu. And, tensions began to rise there to the point where we could no longer risk our folks remaining in Palu. So, we not only had to pull out two families out of Palu, but about a half a dozen families, also out of surrounding tribal areas because we could no longer support them out there.” Sier says it’s unclear when they’ll return to the area, but the work will continue. “We’re working mainly on church training for elders and on Bible translation and translation of Bible lessons. So, much of that work could continue from another location.”

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