Story number 1 for 5 Nov 2002

By November 5, 2002

(Haiti)–“Voodoo is Haiti’s only hope” as reported by the Associated Press that encapsulates much of the feeling there. At a time of deepening poverty and despair, many in Haiti see only one way out. Men For Missions’ Wayne King is determined to fight the occult’s influence with the Gospel. “It’s been going on for 200 years and it has been renewed with fervor as the time has been approaching for re-dedication of that country. So, if we can saturate that country with the Gospel before the end of the year 2004, we can be a factor in reaching that country for Jesus Christ.” King explains how. “We’re doing that through solar-powered radios that are fix-tuned to Christian radio station 4VEH. So, our goal is to distribute a quarter of a million solar-powered radios to the people of a country that 70-percent are illiterate. So, if they are going to hear the Good News, it will have to be through the spoken word.”

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