Story number 1 for 6 Dec 2002

By December 6, 2002

(Kenya)–Topping the news, President George Bush issued a pledge to join forces with Ethiopia and Kenya in combating terrorism this week at the outset of a summit in Africa. CB International’sGlen Kendall says they are among the many who are reviewing security plans, adding the reality is this may be a way of life now. “The threats are a lot greater, and, not that we didn’t know it before, but the reality [of terrorism] is greater too. As I talked with the folks in Mombasa and other areas of Africa where there are troubles, the world’s not going to get any easier.” Kendall adds that security is as much an issue as the mission that drives them. He asks people to pray. “God doesn’t promise us peace and security and ease, and yet we don’t want to be stupid or foolish and needlessly lay down our lives. So, we’re in a mode of trying to see the balance between safety and security and yet not being terrorized ourselves and continuing to get the Gospel message out.”

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