Story number 1 for 7 Aug 2000

By August 7, 2000

We begin today in the Netherlands as the largest international event has come to a close. Greg Yoder files this report from Amsterdam 2000. “I say to you tonight as you leave this conference, light a fire..” That was the message left with delegates by Evangelist Billy Graham via satellite during closing ceremonies at Amsterdam 2000. Graham says…”I am asking that you take the light from here, here in Amsterdam, you found during these days. Hold that light high as you return home and with the light of a thousand of other participants from around the world we can make a fire that will shine brightly, and will never be put out.” Evangelist Luis Palau was one of the plenary speakers. He says evangelists are leaving motivated. “Most of them are more determined than ever, let’s win our country for Jesus Christ. The world has never been more open than now. And this is the moment to go for it.” This evangelist from Ukraine says he’s encouraged by what he’s heard. “More preach. More go. I received something from God to go and preach the Gospel more, more and more.” Greg Yoder, for the Amsterdam 2000 Radio Network.”

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