Story number 1 for 7 Aug 2001

By August 7, 2001

(Afghanistan)–Topping the news, a purist Islamic movement in Afghanistan is enforcing the law against staff from a Christian international aid agency. Mission Network News’ Ruth Bliss has more in this report. “The Taliban issued an edict last year prescribing the death penalty for any Muslim converting to any other religion or those involved in such conversions. In light of this, Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers closed the office of Shelter Now International and arrested 24 of its workers, including two Americans. The group was accused of propagating Christianity. However, Shelter Now has been running relief projects for Afghan refugees in Pakistan for the last 16 years and only opened offices inside Afghanistan last year. The aid agency is now run by a German agency, after Americans were threatened for allegedly proselytizing in Afghan refugee camps. Shelter Now officials say they’re watching the situation carefully, and asks people to pray for the safety of believers in this country. For Mission Network News, I’m Ruth Bliss.”

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