Story number 1 for 7 Feb 2001

By February 7, 2001

(India) — We begin today in India where tragedy has been realized by a mission agency with work in the earthquake zone. Gospel Revival Ministries Rich Brown says of their 10 churches in the state of Gujarat, one was seriously impacted. “We’ve definitely been affected. We’ve lost a pastor and his family. His wife, mother, sister and two children were killed by the quake in Ahmedabad, which was next to Bhuj, the second largest city in Gujarat that was really devastated by the quake.” According to Brown, even though the state of Gujarat has seen more persecution against Christians, believers aren’t responding negatively. “I am awed by the love and forgiveness that our Christian leaders and communities have for the people all over India. These people are hungry for something meaningful in their lives and the church offers that option to them.”

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