Story number 1 for 7 Jan 2000

By January 7, 2000

Topping the news today, Venezuela is still trying to relocate hundreds of
thousands of people left homeless by last month’s mudslide. The disaster killed up
to 50-thousand people. Mission Without Borders is teaming up with New Horizon
Ministries to help the many people who need medical attention. New Horizon’s Doctor
Bruce Woodling. “As a matter of being an immediate responder with mission without
borders, we have just shipped nearly $600,000 worth of antibiotics, basic medical
supplies, very basic medical equipment.” Woodling says it’s all being used to meet the
physical and spiritual needs of the people. “One of the questions we’re always asked
when we’re outreaching is, why are you helping us. We tell them that’s God’s work and
we’re here to minister to you physically and also to you spiritually and it’s an
opportunity for evangelism.” The need for more medicine is desperate. Call
1-800-245-9191 to help with this two-fold outreach opportunity.

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