Story number 1 for 7 May 2001

By May 7, 2001

(Philippines)–The Philippines top today’s news, as civil unrest appears to be easing, following a week of tension. Thousands of people were involved in violent protests while rumors of a coup surrounded the arrest of ousted President Joseph Estrada. However, according to Far East Broadcasting Company’s Jonathon Mortiz, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo appears to be firmly in control. “She’s still holding on to power. 100-percent of the generals, the military, are backing her up. Generally speaking it is calming down the government has already contained the situation.” The violent protests didn’t affect the work of FEBC negatively. In fact, Mortiz says it did quite the opposite, giving more opportunity. “When they tuned into our station, especially in metro Manila, they would listen and they would hear unbiased reporting, and as well, we share the Gospel, we share the reconciliation message. (That’s) very important here, the reconciliation message.”

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