Story number 1 for 8 Aug 2000

By August 8, 2000

Topping today’s news, Indonesia’s Parliament has temporarily backed off its threat to impeach President Abdurrahman Wahid over the disarray of the world’s largest Muslim nation. Wahid publicly apologized to lawmakers and promised he would address the economic recovery and sectarian conflicts. What this threat to Wahid’s leadership could mean, Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton explains. “The problem is that he hasn’t really backed up his words with actions. So, the situation obviously, very unstable, but the worst case scenario is if he loses power, and a more radical Muslim came into power, it could be bad news for the Christians there in Indonesia.” Nettleton adds that:”I think we pray for some type of leadership and for enough stability for the leadership that they will speak out in favor of peace between Christians and Muslims and that their basic safety will be guaranteed.”

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