Story number 1 for 8 Feb 2001

By February 8, 2001

(Israel)–Israel tops our news today as the country has a new leader that many say will halt peace talks and cause more violence. Former Israeli General Ariel Sharon’s landslide victory isn’t expected to affect evangelistic ministry by itself, but according to Friends of Israel’s Tim Munger if violence plays a part of the mix, it could. “Time will tell as to what influence the new administration will have on the whole picture of Israel and the Middle East. If anything, if violence does break out. It would enhance our ministry because we’re there to serve and the opportunities to serve would increase.” Munger says violence can be good for evangelism. “With that violence there’s always the uncertainly of life. What if I get hit with that bullet? There’s that assurance of God’s control, of hand, of God’s protection, God’s peace. To the non-believer we would obviously share the Gospel and seek to bring that one to the Lord Jesus.” Munger says recently one of their churches was forced into homes to avoid the violence.

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