Story number 1 for 8 Jan 2003

By January 8, 2003

(Southern Africa)–Topping the news, 18-million people are now at risk of starvation in seven south African countries. The crisis has sharply increased due to the combined effects of drought and poor government policies. World Vision’s Carla Andersen says they are still providing for the urgent needs, but they’re also looking at helping solve the problem. “Our development activities include distribution of seeds and tools. We also work a lot with the people to educate them about techniques in planting, crop rotations, better irrigation systems and helping them to recover from the problem so that it won’t continue in the coming years.” Andersen says their teams often have a chance for evangelistic outreach and a future ministry. “We carry out our activities as an extension of Christ’s love, and we also partner with many Christian organizations in all the countries where we work as well as the local churches and we provide all of our relief and development activities without any discrimination.”

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