Story number 1 for 8 May 2002

By May 8, 2002

(Colombia)–Our newscast begins today in Colombia, where guerrillas bombed a church Sunday, killing over a hundred people taking refuge there. The latest action comes as no surprise for those involved in evangelistic activity in Colombia. Over recent months, the aggression has been mounting against believers. Evangelical Free Church Mission’s Latin America director, Tim McIntosh. “Sometimes the churches are actually preaching against the FARC, and saying that these people are not representing God, not representing a biblical approach. So, the FARC has taken them on as enemies and seeing them as ones that are stirring up unrest against them.” McIntosh says missionaries are undeterred, but prayer is a staple in this work: “There are certain areas that they just can’t be in. The areas that they are in, there is a high probability that the FARC knows that they’re there. They would be vulnerable they’re not protected in any way by government forces. So, we need to pray for protection for them.”

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