Story number 1 for 8 May 2003

By May 8, 2003

(China)–In the headlines, newly reported SARS cases throughout China’s rural areas forces the World Health Organization to admit the raging epidemic may not have reached its peak. Educational Services International’s Stephanie Tebow says the situation poses a problem. “It has clearly hampered our efforts for this summer. We are seeing a huge decrease in those numbers partly because we are actually restrained from where we can travel in china currently, by the Chinese government, and because people are very concerned about bringing this disease back.” Tebow urges people to look at China’s ‘big picture’. ” I think it’s important that everybody look ahead to see the new impact for ministry in Asia. People, as never before, are beginning to question, ‘where do I find hope? how do I overcome my fear? how do I deal with this?’ and what an incredible opportunity to bring people to know the Lord. “

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