Story number 1 for 8 Nov 2000

By November 8, 2000

We begin today looking at the global spread of HIV. In many areas, the infection rate has mushroomed to epidemic proportion. In response, the United Nations has called for urgent action to be taken to halt the virus’ spread, because the AIDS toll is altering the economic and social fabric of hard-hit areas. Walk Through the Bible’s Martin Deacon says their approach in South Africa to the crisis has had interesting results. “I had talked to 70 pastors from all around our country, and I asked them, ‘How many of you have preached on HIV/AIDS in the last 24 months? ‘ And, only two of the 70 pastors has. Dr. Bruce Wilkinson committed, when he comes to Africa in January, to form a six-parter on God’s answer to HIV/AIDS.” Deacon adds that pastors need prayer as they face the medical crisis. “We hope and pray and plan to train two and a half thousand ministers to break the church’s silence in our region. The crisis is at such a stage that we cannot just have a method of prevention, but we need to have an appropriate Christian compassion related to the HIV issue.”

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