Story number 1 for 9 Dec 1999

By December 9, 1999

We begin today in Indonesia where conflict in that country is forcing mission groups to modify their work there. New Tribes Mission’s Guy Sire say they have around 65 missionaries working in Indonesia, but their workers from Maluku (mah-LOO-ku) won’t return. “Most of our folks are now in the process of filtering back to Indonesia, but are relocating on the island of Sulawesi because of the difficulties in Maluku. We really don’t see where we’ll be able to put missionaries back into the tribal areas in Maluku for some time.” Sire says they’re also facing another problem. “Our work permit that allows us to conduct ministry is up at the end of this month. The government has gone through a lot of upheaval, and if we do not have that renewed by then we will need to cease ministry. Visas will not be renewed and our folks may have to leave the country.”

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