Story number 1 for 9 Feb 2001

By February 9, 2001

(India)–Our newscast opens in India today, where survivors of the country’s devastating January 26th earthquake are now focusing on putting the pieces of their lives back together. Operation Blessing International’s Dick Kohl says they’re a part of the healing process. “We have provided temporary housing, material to make tents for one-thousand families, we’ve provided medicine that will help treat over five-thousand patients at a local hospital there. We’re trying to do more, but we need funds to be able to do this. With all the disaster relief that has been going on lately, with El Salvador, Afghanistan and the other areas that need help, the coffers get drained.” Kohl adds that the workers need prayer. “We’re getting reports of anti-Christian activity trying to slow down and even impede Christian relief workers from going into the area and working. So, we have to overcome that spiritual challenge as well. Sometimes, we have to work covertly in order to share, even on a one-to-one basis, our Christian beliefs.
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