Story number 1 for 9 Jul 2001

By July 9, 2001

(Indonesia)–Topping the news today, Indonesia may be facing a state of emergency if impeachment plans move forward. That’s the threat President Abdurrahman Wahid has issued. Bob Fetherlin with the Christian and Missionary Alliance says the political uncertainty is a concern for mission organizations. “Repression from Muslim forces or repression that’s permitted by the government during a time of instability and unrest, could negatively impact the church and its outreach. And so, we’re very concerned about that and would ask Christians everywhere to pray.” As Fetherlin explains, visa restrictions are already making the situation difficult for their missionaries. “There has been an effort on the part of the more extreme Muslim elements in the country and particularly in the government to quell the influence of Christian missions, but in a time of instability those more radical elements can rise up and become even stronger.”

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