Story number 1 for 9 Nov 2000

By November 9, 2000

Our newscast begins with a report from International Health officials on the Ebola virus outbreak in Uganda. Authorities say while the danger is not yet over, they have contained the deadly hemorrhagic fever. However, they are still monitoring people who have had contact with the infected. AirServ International’s Phil Faria says the crisis continues to keep them busy. “It’s [The Ebola outbreak] increased our work substantially. We were called by MSF [Medecins sans Frontieres] and we’re using their aircraft in Uganda; [we’re] taking supplies ranging from tents and tarps to build isolation shelters, as well as cleaning supplies, to staff from all over the world.” Faria adds that while their organization is not overtly evangelistic, they are part of the planting of the seeds of hope. However, that presents a challenge of its own. “Basically, we’re helping the communities, and we’re helping the people. It’s just from helping humankind-because, unfortunately, we’re still a non-sectarian organization and we cannot be partial to expressing our beliefs to other people.” Please pray that area mission groups would be able to water the seeds of hope.

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