Story number 1 for 9 Oct 2002

By October 9, 2002

(Iran)–Topping the news, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Sudan are hostile to minority religions. That’s according to a report on religious freedom issued this week by the U-S State Department. And yet, the Gospel is being broadcast into Iran in the Farsi language. SAT-7’s JB Kump thinks that because of the hostility, they are a comfort to believers. “For Christians in any other Arabic country where they are the minority, to say that they are marginalized, is an understatement. They often don’t have access to economic opportunities, educational opportunities or even access in the business world.” Kump says this new venture needs prayer, especially because the doors are open. “To be able to broadcast in the native language, using indigenous people, going directly into the living rooms, without any kind of censorship at all, is a marked change in the right direction. It is an opportunity for them, without fear of exposing themselves, to be able to understand and to witness what the Christian message is.”

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