Story number 2 for 1 Aug 2000

By August 1, 2000

Next, the largest gathering of evangelists ever has assembled in the Netherlands for Amsterdam 2000. Mission Network News’ Greg Yoder is there and files this report. “‘We welcome delegates from over 180 different countries around the world to Amsterdam 2000.’ That’s how Amsterdam 2000 began as more than 10-thousand evangelists and lay leaders gathered for the opening session. President of the Billy Graham Association and Executive Director of the event John Corts. “Let us expect together one of the greatest experiences of our life time as the Lord meets with us and speaks to us.” The Word in Evangelism is one of the themes of the conference. The International Bible Society held a workshop in six languages on the importance of the word in evangelism. IBS’ Tom Youngblood explains the session. “The word of God in the life of the evangelist personally. The word of God in the preaching of the evangelist, using scripture to help people find their way to Jesus Christ. And then the third make sure that as you see people respond to the Gospel that you put the word of God in their hands.” Greg Yoder, for the Amsterdam 2000 Radio Network.”

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