Story number 2 for 1 Jan 2003

By January 1, 2003

(Venezuela)–Elsewhere, political unrest in Venezuela is hampering ministry in the country. STEM International’s Jim Levin says last year, a ministry team presented thousands with the Gospel. The response was so good, that they planned another trip this year in the same community. “Just in the past week we’ve had too revamp that and redirect the team that had planned to go there to another nation because of political problems.” A national oil strike has effectively shut down the country and immobilized the economy. Levin says believers should pray because the strike has put pressure on families. “We would ask people’s prayers that they’d be able to solve those political problems soon. Its deep and its very difficult. Our friends in Venezuela have e-mailed telling that it doesn’t look like this will blow over quickly.” Levin asks people pray to about the believers’ faith that becomes an example of Christ during this difficult time in that nation’s history.

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