Story number 2 for 1 Mar 2000

By March 1, 2000

Meanwhile, missionary radio broadcasters are continuing their efforts to reach the unreached with the Gospel through radio. Words of Hope’s Lee DeYoung, is a member of the World by Radio campaign. DeYoung says the need for radio is great around the world. “There are approximately, right now as we speak today, 84 languages with either definite or probable need that are all spoken by a million or more people that don’t yet have Gospel broadcasts.” DeYoung says those numbers continue to rise as the world’s population increases. “On the one hand the number of mega-languages does grow. If one measures the number of languages that we knew to need broadcasts at the beginning of the project in 1985, and the number added, we’ve added more than we thought we needed back then. However, the number of languages of a million or more has grown in the meantime, so the target keeps moving. But, we’re getting closer to the target even though it is moving we’re moving faster.”

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