Story number 2 for 1 May 2001

By May 1, 2001

(International)–We turn next to an unusual dilemma that can make or break the work of missionary parents. The Association of Christian Schools International says they’ve found that those who work with missionary kids fill some of the most vital roles in missions today. However, ACSI’s Phil Renicks says many overseas Christian school personnel aren’t properly prepared to help. “The failure of those going overseas is directly related to unrealistic expectations. What we want to do is to best prepare those teachers, so they will be effective. We recognize that their effectiveness determines the success or failure of the expatriate family.” Renicks says that’s why their work is vital. “One of the things that the Pre-Field Orientation does is it helps the people who come through it to clarify what they can expect, so that they can adjust to the host culture that they’re going to.”

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