Story number 2 for 1 Nov 2000

By November 1, 2000

Meanwhile, Evangelical Baptist Missions is celebrating the success of reaching a dramatic goal. EBM’s Dave Seefried says asked for help raising more than 80-thousand dollars in less than two months. The monies were needed for a piece of property in South Africa; land that the group wants to use to build “Bethesda Outreach”, a special village for AIDS orphans. “We were looking at an October 31 deadline to raise the finances for the first piece of property. The Lord, through the people in the Christian community, the thousand, or two thousand or four thousand, has provided this finance-and for that, we praise the Lord. It has been a movement among the people, so the people are taking ownership of this orphan project.” Seefried says once the project is completed, they can begin their real work. “Evangelism, I would say, is a primary focus; rescuing the children and caring for them is our compassionate outreach and we will do that-but also, the Gospel will be strongly preached.”

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