Story number 2 for 1 Oct 2002

By October 1, 2002

(Indonesia)–Elsewhere, the threat of a U-S war with Iraq may have implications in Indonesia. Reports indicate a Muslim extremist buildup which is causing concern for mission agencies. New Tribes Mission’s Guy Sier. “Unfortunately, the vast majority of moderate Muslims in the country are buying into this anti-US position, and, our concern is that it could tip the balance from just being a few radical veins in this country to seeing a wider anti-US sentiment.” Sier says as they continue to work in Indonesia, they ask believers to pray for their teams. “If these kinds of sentiments take the mainstream, the government will be forced to show some deference to this large part of the people. So, that could create some crunches in our visas; it could cause some of our works to have to shut down, at least temporarily.”

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