Story number 2 for 10 Apr 2000

By April 10, 2000

Next, despite increased tension in Kosovo, one ministry group plans to travel there later this month to help a group of Albanian families rebuild their homes. World Servants’ Chris Clum is taking a team into a southern Kosovo village to experience what he calls “relational evangelism”. “We just see it as a wonderful opportunity for us to be there when people are in need. That is when they are most open to hear the Gospel and receive God’s love. We just want to be sensitive that we are in the right place at the right time. We really think right now is the right time to be there because people are open and sensitive to hear about God’s love and hear the Gospel.” The team is building on relationships they developed earlier to enter into the country. “We are working with another organization called “Discover Ministry” who actually reached out to 15,000 refugees that fled Kosovo into Albania. And so there are some wonderful relationships that have been established over the four months that they were actually refugees in Albania.”

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