Story number 2 for 10 Apr 2001

By April 10, 2001

(Congo)–Next, after last week’s government shake up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, an evangelical group hopes to return to that country. Congo’s President Joseph Kabila sacked his entire cabinet saying changes were needed to ensure peace and economic reforms. Jim Snyder is with Compassion Ministries, the relief arm of the Evangelical Free Church Mission. “His starting afresh I think lends some credence to the fact that he does want to clean thing up. If everything progresses positively and things continue to move in a direction towards peace, I could foresee some people getting back into the country to be working there and living there a little bit longer term.” Snyder says there’s one way Christians can get involved. “I think the biggest thing we can do is to pray for these people. It’s a situation that’s much greater than us, and I see the doors beginning to open up. People need to look for opportunities. We’ll be providing some ourselves because things are beginning to quiet down some.”

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