Story number 2 for 10 Aug 2001

By August 10, 2001

(Ukraine)–Our follow-up to our top story comes from International Messengers. Robert Rasmusson says despite an undercurrent of opposition from the Orthodox community, a diverse work is growing in the Ukraine. One of I-M’s outreaches is an evangelistic English camp, which brings their staff into direct contact with the younger generation. Rasmusson says there is a wide-open field. “Many of the young people that come to these camps have been raised in the Orthodox Church and yet don’t really understand what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” Rasmusson adds there are times when they do face open discrimination from the Orthodox Church. However, because they’ve been able to find a common ground, their ministry is growing. “We share the Gospel, without attacking any church and try to stay focused on the truth of Scripture, which is a common denominator.” Please continue to pray that hearts will stay open to the Gospel.

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