Story number 2 for 10 Feb 2003

By February 10, 2003

(Congo)–Elsewhere, following the recent violence in Nyankunde, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mission Aviation Fellowship has had to temporarily close down the base there. MAF’s John Lewis explains that tribal warfare has taken its toll on their outreach. “Our main base there was totally destroyed and looted. A large hospital with 120 beds also totally destroyed and even the roofing has been taken off the hospital now.” Lewis asks for prayer for the Congo team as they seek to continue serving in a very difficult environment. “There is nobody living there anymore. I talked to the pilot yesterday, and he keeps flying over it and he sees trash and the results of the looting all over the place, but it is still not even safe to land there. So, for the last two or three months we have not even been able to go back to that base.” Please continue to pray for the safety of the pilots as they support missionaries in the Congo.

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