Story number 2 for 10 Jan 2002

By January 10, 2002

(Vietnam)–Elsewhere, Vietnamese Christians are feeling the weight of increased government scrutiny. That means police visits, harassment and jail terms are being stepped up. International Needs Network’s Dave Culross confirms the report, adding that there are two sets of rules that govern how Christians are treated. “There’s the official line, which goes along with the United Nations charter that you’re allowed to worship any way you choose. However, the practical application of that in the district and local levels is far different than that charter. Each locality is almost free to do as it pleases. This is where the persecution comes from.” Culross says undaunted Christians are determined to be even bolder in their witness. “The by-product of that is not a reduction in Christian activities, but a dramatic increase in the number of those people who are coming to salvation. They are now finding that they can’t find space for everyone who wants to come to church.”

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