Story number 2 for 10 May 2000

By May 10, 2000

Next, in the areas south of the Sahara, Evangelical Baptist Missions is reporting a plague of medieval proportions. AIDS has decimated the population, and the numbers continue to rise at an alarming rate, leaving millions of orphans. It is for this reason, EBM’s Dave Seefried says they began a new ministry. “We’re looking at getting a plot of ground there in Zambia. We want to build a cluster of orphanages there, perhaps 12 to 15. Our purpose in developing the orphanages is to get the local national church heavily involved so they can take some ownership.” Seefried says the children have many questions and the Gospel provides the reply. “What we desire to do is to build these orphanages and then to raise a generation for Christ. To stop the AIDS epidemic through preventative measures is one thing, but to raise a generation who are trained in Biblical ways, this is the answer.”

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