Story number 2 for 11 Apr 2000

By April 11, 2000

Next, with the advent of a new leader in Russia, many ministries are watching to see how his administration will receive their work. Walk Thru The Bible’s Terry Sparks says so far, they’ve been cautious in their expansion in their teaching program, ‘World Teach’. “Our director had a meeting with forty key Christian leaders in Russia, and they welcome ‘World Teach’ with open arms. But, whenever we launch ‘World Teach’ in a new country, or a new region, we’re looking for three key components.” Sparks explains these are important because they include the framework for their future ministry. “One would be the groundswell of spiritual interest, secondly, that we have the leader, and thirdly, that we have resources in terms of money and translated resources. The only thing we’re missing in Russia is the leader.” Sparks asks that believers keep praying for their work and continued spiritual outreach.

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