Story number 2 for 11 Jan 2000

By January 11, 2000

We turn next to war torn Liberia as many Christian organizations are gearing up
to help the needy there. Feeding Starving Children International is working with
the West African Children Support Network. The Network’s John Lykkin says while
food is needed, there are other necessities. “We have diverted our focus right now into
just providing the basic life sustaining necessities for most of these people. When I say
basic life sustaining necessities we’re talking about basic clean drinking water, latrines
and showers for these villages.” By providing for those needs, many hearts are opened
to the Gospel. Lykkin says they will be able to do this more easily in the months ahead.
“This was one of the milestones that was accomplished early this year. We have
managed to get non-governmental organization status for the West African Children’s
support network in addition to duty free privileges for any relief supplies that would be
coming in.”

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