Story number 2 for 11 Jun 2003

By June 11, 2003

(Romania)–Meanwhile, Romanian international adoptions remain on hold as the moratorium extends into this fall while the government reforms their child welfare system. Toni Carter, European adoption coordinator for Bethany Christian Services, says the children remain in legal limbo as the legislation has been under constant revision and authorities have yet to vote on it. ” We don’t know what the final law is going to be. Everything is speculative at this point but Bethany has long term placed many special needs children and older children and we would presume that children in those groupings would probably still be available at some point for adoption.” Bethany celebrates the opportunity for ministry to special needs children. However, because of the uncertainty of the new draft, Carter urges parents to be patient. “We know that international adoption is a very complex process and that it’s legal and we have to be respectful of the other country who are truly caring about their children.”

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