Story number 2 for 11 May 2000

By May 11, 2000

Next, negotiators in the Philippines ended talks with Muslim rebels and returned home without any of the hostages. The rebels appear to be targeting both foreigners and Christians, and many evangelistic groups are on alert. Due to the sensitive nature of their work, a Christian development organization in the area agreed to be interviewed, but not named. We’ll call our source “Jim”. “Some of the projects are affected by ongoing conflict between Muslim rebels and the government forces. The fighting is still going on in some areas-this conflict has resulted in destruction to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Villagers had to flee to evacuation centers; their farms and most of their animals were left unattended.” “Jim” says they are watching the events in the south and adds believers need prayer. “We need to pray that there be a resolution to this conflict. Pray that they’d have the strength to go on, and perseverance and the faith to trust God in this situation.”

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