Story number 2 for 11 Nov 1999

By November 11, 1999

Meanwhile, volcanic activity in Ecuador is on the rise, with the energy creating concern in both Quito and Banos (bahn-yos). Quito remains on yellow alert, while Banos’ residents have been evacuated and the city is on orange alert. What all this means for HCJB’s work, Roger Reimer explains. “The way that Mount Tungurahua’s (nearest Banos) eruption has effected our ministries there is that the road that goes to our jungle hospital has been closed. So, our missionary staff has been unable to get in and out, and patients aren’t able to get to the hospital.” Reimer says Mount Pichincha (near Quito) has been spewing ash, but so far, has not affected radio broadcast work from the towers. He says they could still use prayer: “We have a health care ministry that is also involved in disaster relief efforts. We are trying to assist the people that have been evacuated out of Banos. We’re endeavoring to reflect Jesus Christ to those people in a time of need.”

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