Story number 2 for 12 Feb 2002

By February 12, 2002

(Central Asia)–Meanwhile, Christians in Central Asia are making fine progress in their goal to plant 300 new churches in these predominately Muslim countries. Paul Hagelgans works with Bible Mission International in Central Asia. Hagelgans says national churches are already working in 127 villages. “They already start(ed) children’s ministry or youth ministry or started a small group of people who are interested in Jesus. In some locations they are already running programs, running church planting, but it is not an already exist(ing) church with their own leadership.” The goal is to use these ministries to plant churches. Hagelgans says believers are moving forward with this church-planting project despite persecution. “Because they believe God and trust Him and Jesus, they do best as possible to (use) any kinds of opportunities (to plant churches). And, if (the) time will come when they suffer for churches there, they’re asking Him (for) mercy that He (will give) them power to go through this problem.”

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