Story number 2 for 12 Jan 2000

By January 12, 2000

Next, while the number of children around the world is growing at an incredible
rate, Evangelism Explosion is taking steps to reach them for Christ. Sam
Lamerson is the Director of Kids E-E. Lamerson says because we live in a
post-modern culture, it’s important to reach people when they’re young. ” We realize
that many people, by the time they’re 20-25 years old their presuppositions are already
settled. And, it’s much more difficult to share the Gospel with them. And, so we feel
that we want to get to them before those presuppositions against absolute truth and
against the Bible set in.” According to Lamerson Kids E-E clinics teaches two groups
of people how to share the Gospel. “Kids E-E has as its primary focus teaching adults
to share the Gospel with kids and teaching children to clarify the Gospel in their own
minds so that they can go out and share it with others.” All of the Kids E-E clinics are
held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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