Story number 2 for 12 Jun 2000

By June 12, 2000

Next, reaching the unreached tribal people in the jungles of Brazil continues to be a challenge. That’s the word from missionary Bruce Hartman, who’s retiring from the field after 40 years of service. Hartman has been serving with New Tribes Mission and tells us why it’s so difficult. “On the governmental level they’re still trying to strangle evangelical missions working in the tribes. There’s a tremendous power to keep people of all types, and particularly missionaries, out of the back woods to preserve that green lung down there. Our burden is for liberty to be able to work in the tribes and to see these people reached.” Hartman, who’s staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida, says getting a visa to work there is difficult, so national workers are needed. “Unfortunately we’re having trouble getting our national workers to see the necessity of getting out and giving their life-time in the jungle. It is a slow work.” Pray that God will raise up more people for the work.

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