Story number 2 for 12 Mar 2003

By March 12, 2003

(Mozambique)–Meanwhile, a cyclone in Mozambique killed 11 and left thousands homeless last week. However, the natural disaster isn’t stopping OC International from doing its work. Jim DeVries says the cyclone hit as the country is still recovering from incredible flooding from a couple of years ago. “We all saw the pictures of the flooding. Churches (were) washed away and pastors’ homes were destroyed. That increases the physical need, but the spiritual need is still very real throughout the country. And, there is a need for many new churches, but also need for training leaders and pastors for those churches.” Because of that need, DeVries says OCI is responding. “After having ministered in Mozambique for over 10 years, training pastors and leading workshops and seminars for church leaders, this is the first time we have actually a resident team in Mozambique.” Funding is needed to help establish an office for the program.

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